Our Advantage


The Londino Group solves complex employee benefits challenges for clients in creative and customized ways.

Organizational challenges like a planned merger or acquisition, a spike in health care or disability costs, changing workforce demographics, upcoming labor negotiations, or compliance issues requiring specialized expertise.

Traditional employee benefits services from big brokerage or consulting firms that often have high turnover and overhead costs cannot match the skill and cost-effectiveness of the Londino Group. Because all members of the Londino Group team are tested and proven in their specialties, we are focused and efficient. We are not “learning on you.”

Under the leadership of Maureen Londino, our consultants come together to work with you in a true team effort.

Objectives and Guiding Principles

We begin by listening so we can learn and understand your needs. Known for identifying objectives and guiding principles up front, the Londino Group is able to structure a framework for success.

These objectives and guiding principles foster ongoing evaluation of alternatives to make decisions that arise in the course of an engagement.


Once we understand the objectives we gather data to evaluate your current position. We apply our skill in diagnostics to critically analyze your situation. We look for gaps or overlaps by examining:

  • Plan Utilization
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Pricing and Costing

Cost Management and Affordability

Keeping benefits affordable for the organization and employees is an ongoing business imperative. We design projects to meet financial targets and typically uncover potential savings of at least $1,000 or more per employee.

Work Plans

Our work plans include up front planning of the scope of work, identifying roles, responsibilities and project milestones. By developing and operating from a detailed work plan, we are able to communicate, refine and adjust as necessary to keep the project on target.

We anticipate and proactively address issues by knowing both the big picture and the steps needed to achieve successful project completion.

Building Relationships

Cost savings and efficiencies are realized both short and long-term. The Londino Group is known for developing and sustaining long-term client relationships that allow for multi-year strategies and ongoing incremental savings.